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About Services

Yes, at MeeraBhadran, we initiate all work with a 50% upfront payment. The same is non-refundable too.

The duration to complete a piece of content depends on the form of content you need. Short-form content may take 3 to 5 working days while long-form content may take 7 to 10 workings, and a maximum of 14 days based on the niche and inputs you provide.

We recommend you have a detailed meeting (mandatory) before starting the work. This is to share all possible inputs and references you have. As the work progresses, and if you have any additional inputs, you may as well schedule meetings as you please.

We help you with updates every two to three days.

On being unsatisfied with the content from MeeraBhadran, we look into the reasons for dissatisfaction. Moreover, we help you with one free edit of the content if you feel there are changes needed. However, we also charge a nominal fee for the subsequent edits.

Yes, you may add more content to your requirements when your work is in progress, which shall be communicated to the team.

You must share your company details, the background of your project assigned, your specific requirements, and the deadline you expect the work to be handed over by. In case our team feels there needs to be minor adjustments.

Definitely! We offer you discounts based on the duration of your project. Kindly get in touch with us for more details.

The inputs we require to rewrite content are your expectations, the background of the project, your expectations, the deadline, and any additional references that are available.

Yes, you may opt for multiple services with us. We’d be more than happy to help you!

About Training

We conduct training via Google Meet. However, all updates and any changes about the classes will be informed to you via your contact number.

Yes, we understand your requirement for personal attention and assistance. Hence, we do offer personalized classes.

Normally we conduct classes from Monday to Friday. However, in case you miss any classes due to unavoidable reasons, we help you cover the same.

We recommend you to make use of the class hours fruitfully. However, you may as well connect with your teacherspost-class hours.

At MeeraBhadran, we start right from scratch and take you to the depths of content writing, as a profession and as a course, so that it elevates your confidence and language too.

Yes, we do offer group sessions in case the need be.

MeeraBhadran at any cost doesn’t entertain procrastination. Also, if you aren’t able to attend any session due to personal reasons, we suggest you inform us well ahead.

We don’t offer internships as such. But at the end of the course, if we understand that your language and writing styles have improved, we allow you to intern with us for a while.

All our classes are live sessions and we recommend you have a good internet connection and be available on time for the session.

Yes, you may redo a course anytime or even repeat a module with us at nominal rates.

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